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About us


Who are we ?

Gitta 41, Ole 51 years old, and our son Michael is 20 years old, who has moved away
from home, but he still takes care of the dogs.
We have had dogs for 20 years, we started with German Shepherds, and had some
wonderfull dogs, but eight years ago we got our first Tervueren Leslie's Jara, and
afterwards Leslie's Quincy.
Jara and Quincy have had thre litters from where we kept two females and one male ,and one male from Duchesse Danel's Athena ,
Ole is very involved in the world of dogs (Danmarks Civile Hundeførerforening) D.c.H. 
He trains Jara in D.c.H. A class and Quincy in the B class.and Dustin in the puppies class
Gitta takes care of Athena, Blanca and Pandora,and Emir because she is working home.

Our Goals

Our goal is to breed healthy dogs with good caracter.
We value first impression of our dogs, and socialising. The pups are born in our kitchen,
and are inside our home, because we mean that it is a good way to learn manners to 
the dogs. We walk them in town, and take them for a drive so that they get
aqquainted with humans.
Our dogs are sold with DKK(danish kennel club) pedigree, and health certificate.



Our dogs

Breeding plans